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How to do Keyword Research

By Braydn Jones on October 17th, 2012

Day to day I help businesses become established online through search engine optimization (SEO). In doing so, the very first thing that needs to be done is keyword research. Without this data, it would be like the blind leading the blind; yes, it could possibly work, but it wouldn’t be a very painless or pretty sight to see.

I primarily use three sources to pull my keyword data: Google Adwords Tool, Übersuggest, and Promediacorp.

Keyword Search Volume Tool

Google AdWords Tool is my favorite. Why so, because it provides estimated broad and exact search volume. It gives actual data on how popular a specific term is. This makes it possible for me to see:

  1. If there exists an online opportunity for a client
  2. What keywords will be beneficial to focus on


What is Broad vs. Exact Search Volume

On the left hand side of Google AdWords Tool you can choose either to search by broad or exact. What is the difference between broad and exact? Exact volume is the precise keyword or phrase with no variations. Broad volume is an overall accumulation of results that has the precise keyword within all keywords. For example, “running shoes” and “dress shoes” would be broad searches of “shoes”.

When recommending keywords, I usually lean more towards the exact search volume. The exact search volume you can count on where the broad search volume can be a bit ambiguous. Also, once you’re established on the exact keyword, then it’s usually easier to get established on the more broad keywords.

Tool for Content Ideas

When trying to come up with content marketing ideas and blog posts, I highly recommend visiting Übersuggest and Promediacorp. All you have to do is type in a keyword and these tools will spit out results of long tail keywords and similar topics. If you ever need a writing pick-me-up then visit these two website and test out their tools. Warning, these pick-me-ups are more addictive than anticipated.

By using these three tools, your online opportunity will be clear and your road map to gaining validity and rankings by Google can be realized.

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