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Google’s Ocean – Accept Change and Implement Agile Marketing

By Braydn Jones on September 4th, 2012

As an SEO, I see Google as this massive ocean. It consumes the majority of the world and people seem to flock to it. They want to swim, sail, and explore it. Many times thinking they can handle it, people mistakenly get swept away by a current or consumed by a rogue wave and perish. Google’s ocean has many mysteries and unknowns. As SEO’s we need to learn how to surf the waves and not have them overcome us. We need to enjoy the turbulent ride by accepting change and by implementing agile marketing strategies.

Google as an Ocean

Don’t get Stuck in the Current

I attended MozCon this year in Seattle. Greg Boser from BlueGlass presented on Redefining Business Models in a Post Penguin World. During his presentation he mentioned the following, “Chaos is good, complacency is the kiss of death”. In your SEO efforts are you complacent? What are you doing on a daily basis that is out of the norm, that is different and unique?

Jason Fried expresses his thoughts on change in The New York Times by saying, “Change is important. When we were growing up, we got summers off from school. Summer vacation was change. It was something to look forward to. A few months of something different really meant a lot. We grow out of a lot as we grow up. One of the most unfortunate things we leave behind is a regular dose of change. Nowhere is this more evident than at work.”

Switch up your marketing strategies, diversify your work. Don’t get caught in the current of complacency. I promise, if you do, then Google will sweep you out to sea and you will never again be found on the first pages of the search engines.

BE the SEO Buoy

Stay afloat and stop worrying about getting overtaken by a rogue wave named panda or penguin and implement agile marketing. Agile marketing is the idea of using change to improve and perfect the overall outcome. Within agile marketing, apply this three step cycle:

  1. Build
  2. Measure
  3. Learn

Build. As we know, Google is constantly making changes. In 2010, Google made 516 trackable changes, that’s about ten changes per week! Ongoing, we need to be creatively implementing new ways of creating content, or as Coke calls it “liquid content”. Be persistent in developing and building. Something, at some point, will catch fire and produce that buzz of content that you’ve always desired.

Measure. Without testing and measuring the results, how are we ever going to know what’s worthwhile? Measuring and analyzing any and all data is vital in all aspects of marketing.

Learn. Take the results from what you just discovered and repeat the process. Don’t remain complacent; comply and apply what you’ve learned. The SEO industry is all about rolling with the punches (updates) and learning.

Conclusion: Look Forward to Change. Ride Google’s Wave. Be Agile.

For more information on agile marketing visit Jonathan Colman’s clip on SEOmoz’s Whiteboard Friday.

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