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Good Design Can Bridge The Gap

By Peter Ehat on April 1st, 2013

We deal a lot with user interface and conversion optimization.  The way a user perceives your website, your online product, or interacts with your application can be the difference between selling and not.  You need to be credible and professional looking or nobody will take you seriously.

A user whose perception is skewed by bad design might not get the picture you intended. More importantly, there may even be instances where you can make up ground on your competitors simply by presenting yourself better.

Here’s an example to illustrate this point.  I came across an optical illusion today that shows a chocolate bar being split into multiple sections and then being rearranged and put back together in such a way that one piece seems to be left over each time–as though the chocolate bar is regenerating.

Here’s the optical illusion.

Good web design can bridge the gap that is left–sort of the same way this optical illusion quickly fills in the leftover space without you even knowing it happened.

Here’s how the illusion works.

When you decide to use good design to present your service, product or app in the best possible light, you end up winning.  It might cost you more than a cookie-cutter template made by a nice fellow in the Philippines or Ukraine, but in the long-run you’ll be better off.  You might end up with something that actually sells itself without you having to say a word–kind of like a little square of chocolate that lasts forever.

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