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Annihilate Cold Calling With Marketing Automation

By Peter Ehat on March 9th, 2017

Have you ever heard of revenue performance management (RPM)? It’s the latest thing in digital marketing, and you can bet your competitors are hearing about it. It is also known as marketing automation. It is a quickly growing facet of most businesses’ marketing efforts, and because of a vast landscape of big software companies offering competing tools, the technology is taking the world by storm. We’ll provide a few tips here on implementing a marketing automation solution that will allow you to get rid of cold calling. We’re happy to help in person too, just ask!

Here are the steps you need to take to rid your sales process of cold calling:

Marketing automation specialists

1. Work With a Marketing Automation Professional to Determine the Best Tools For Your Sales Process, Volume, and Sales and Marketing Teams

Because marketing automation is still a relatively new phenomenon, it’s worth getting some expert advice. Of course this just sounds like a sales pitch since Accelerator Marketing offers exactly those services. We sincerely believe having an expert opinion is integral to a successful implementation. Working with a company like Accelerator Marketing, you’ll get the perspective of an expert who has implemented RPM/Marketing Automation solutions for a variety of clients in different industries. We will ensure you find the best solution for your company while implementing the very best practices available.

Because Accelerator Marketing employs both marketing associates who are experts with Marketing Automation as well as a technical team of software engineers, there are few service providers better suited to ensure a smooth implementation.

We have experience working with a variety of popular RPM and marketing automation software products including Pardot, Infusionsoft, SharpSpring, Marketo, HubSpot, and many more. 

2. Develop a Digital Advertising and Marketing Strategy

Now to fill the pipeline! 

In addition to importing your existing leads and data, our team can help you build a strategy to pack your pipeline full of potential new customers. A well crafted digital marketing campaign can make the difference between thriving and not.

Pay per click advertising and search engine optimization, coupled with quality content and a mix of other digital marketing tactics can propel your new campaigns full speed ahead. We can help you identify the right keywords to bid on (as well as those keywords you specifically want to avoid) to drive only the best targeted traffic.

After you’ve created a great set of ads based on the most popular and attractive keywords, you can promote them using demographic segmentation, geo targeting, and a variety of other means that will help you reach exactly who you want.

Then it’s all about conversions. It used to be that your visitors would give your site about 12 seconds to catch their attention. With changes in the way users interact, new studies show that users typically spend only 8 seconds trying to decide if a page is useful or not. With the help of our experts, we can make sure you’re speaking your customers’ language.

3. Now Break it Down

Segment your lists of new prospects according to the stage in the buying cycle, the entry point to your site or sales pipeline, or another specific identifier. This is an essential part of an effective marketing automation strategy. Without segmented lists, you’ll have a hard time taking advantage of the power of tailored messaging. By breaking down your list to specific groups, you can then begin to reach customers according to their actual preferences. This is where the real power of marketing automation comes in.

One of our clients was recently able to eliminate hours of monotonous process based tasks (busywork) through the smart configuration of their marketing automation software. In this case, we helped to automate and streamline their lead validation process using Infusionsoft. After closely observing the processes followed by staff members, we replicated them in a new campaign.

Tasks that once took hours or days were taken over by the software, allowing the staff to focus on the things that matter most to bringing in new business. The marketing automation software now handles the initial lead data collection, a vetting questionnaire, follow up emails, and a variety of other tasks. The great part is that our client’s staff no longer needs to do all the work. And the timing of everything is regulated according to a specific schedule, or depending on a prospect’s interaction with the messaging we send. It’s a beautiful thing! Here’s how one segment of the process looks:

Marketing Automation Campaign

4. Determine the Best Ongoing Communications For Your Segments

Remember when leads were gone forever once they showed any sign of disinterest? Maybe you’re dealing with that now. Stale leads are difficult to pay much attention to because the likelihood of a sale is low. With our help, you can continue to nurture these leads until they score high enough to merit new attention. You’ll be surprised by how many of these once-dead leads are revived in your pipeline and become great new customers.

5. Train Your Sales Staff on Closing the Ripest Deals

Another great thing about marketing automation and revenue performance management software is its ability to help you identify the most qualified leads. Your sales staff can leave the guesswork to someone else. By scoring new leads based on predetermined standards, you’ll be able to sit back and watch the cream rise to the top of your sales queue. This allows your team to focus on the prospects that are most likely to bring you new business.

What Ideas Do You Have?

Do you have other marketing automation tricks or tactics that have worked well for you? What are they? We’d love to hear more from you in the comments below! Please share!

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