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3 Ways Marketing Automation Will Increase Your Conversion Rates

By Nathan Anderson on March 3rd, 2015

Marketing Automation
Marketing automation, when used correctly, creates new business, and can save you valuable time and money. If it’s not doing these things for you, you’re probably not using it right.

Here are 3 simple ways we use marketing automation to create new business for our company and for the clients we help.


Marketing automation software tracks when a potential customer returns to your website & notifies your sales team when this happens.

Let’s assume you have a list of 100 potential customers. These customers have interacted with your company, but never purchased anything. Your sales team needs to know if and when that person returns to your site and what pages they interact with when they visit. Your marketing automation platform can and should do this for you, and it can notify your team the moment they return. Now that’s powerful.


Potential customers are willing to engage in relevant content, but they don’t like to be spammed with mass, irrelevant emails.

Marketing automation software enables you to tailor custom email messages to your potential customers, based on the pages they have interacted with on your site. This enables you to provide relevant and specific content to your visitors. Customized email marketing campaigns will translate to higher open rates & click through rates. Most importantly, you’ll be able to find out which emails are actually leading to more revenue.


Your potential and existing clients likely have many ways to interact with your company. Here’s a few you’ve probably set up: they visit a page on your site, complete a form, lead score changes, phone call with your company, purchases another product, pays for a service.

Knowing where your potential and existing clients are at in your marketing cycle or purchasing cycle is crucial. When your marketing automation platform is appropriately configured it will segment your potential and existing clients into workflows that have been created for each stage of the cycle . Each workflow contains specific activities, emails, or events that are timely and relevant to each person. How well and how specifically you target your people will have a positive correlation on your sales.


Have a question about your existing marketing automation platform or just need help getting one setup or deciding what one to use? Contact Us, we can help.


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