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3 Facebook Marketing Tips Your Followers Will “Like”

By Amber Waller on May 17th, 2017

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1.Implementing A Monthly Content Flow

Deciding what to post can be one of the hardest parts about Facebook marketing. By creating a monthly post calendar and scheduling content to be posted on specific dates, Facebook marketing will become a little easier. A monthly content flow should look similar to this:

  1. Link to a blog or article
  2. Ask a question
  3. Photo caption- ex: behind the scenes
  4. Quote/word of wisdom
  5. Sending a new product launch/new employee/
  6. new anything
  7. Funny photo
  8. Seasonally relevant news (Holiday, sporting event, season..)
  9. Link to another relevant site
  10. Profile a member of staff
  11. “Fill in the gaps” status update
  12. Customer story
  13. Caption competition
  14. Newsworthy or Relevant

2.Post Share Worthy Content

The whole point of Facebook marketing is to get your message out and to reach new potential customers. If you are not posting interesting or useful content, then no one is going to pay attention to what you have to say.  Posting share worthy content will allow a larger audience to view your message, only your followers are doing the work for you by sharing your content.  

Useful tips for posting share worthy content:

  • Use humor
  • Encourage interaction
  • Ask people to upload a picture/video

3.Create Custom Audiences

Even if you are posting the most interesting and useful content, if you aren’t reaching the right audience, you could be wasting your time. Creating custom audiences gives you the opportunity to target specific demographics and make your message more personal. You can create a custom audience by:

  1. Save the email addresses or phone numbers from your mailing list in a CSV or TXT format
  2. Go to the “Audiences” tab in Adverts Manager.
  3. Click the “Create Audience: button, select “Custom Audience”, then choose “Customer List.”
  4. Upload your file

Custom audiences also let you target a specific group when posting Ads on Facebook to better reach your followers.

The goal of Facebook marketing is to attract new followers, and nurture current followers, in hopes that your company name with grow in popularity and ultimately create more customers for your business. Implementing a monthly content flow, posting interactive content and customizing your audience is a great start to accomplishing your Facebook marketing goals.

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