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10 Influential Changes in SEO For 2013

By Jason Parker on January 2nd, 2014

2013 was a very busy year that considerably changed the playing field for the SEO community. Google was largely responsible for more then a few roll-outs that kept us on our toes. Here are 10 informative articles that explain those definitive changes to SEO in this past year.

  1. Google’s Penguin Update 2.0
  2. Google Launches Dramatic Redesign of Google+, Emphasizing Context and Content Discovery
  3. How Google’s Panda Update Changed SEO Best Practices Forever
  4. Inside In-depth Articles: Dissecting Google’s Latest Feature
  5. Google to Encrypt ALL Keyword Searches: Say Goodbye to Keyword Data
  6. Google Launches Hashtag Search, Shows Google+ Posts On Search Results Page
  7. All About The New Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm
  8. Change History Graph Now Available in Bing Ads
  9. New Google Algorithm to Boost Websites with Subject Authority
  10. Google Analytics introduces new ABC marketing outcome focused reporting

Wether these changes prove restrictive or as a way to diversify strategy, 2014 will  clearly be a tell-tale year for these as well as new inevitable developments.


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