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KT Tape

KT Tape is known by athletes all over the world as the leader in kinesiology tape. Because of their great product, KT Tape has gained a reputation as the leading provider of tape for sports injuries such as shin splints, hamstring strain, & many more. They tapped Accelerator Marketing to help improve online visibility through SEO.  We helped grow exposure online, producing a huge increase in overall traffic.

The results yielded a 120% jump in visitors and a 140% increase in pageviews. Prior to starting SEO services with us, KT Tape didn’t rank on the first page for any important keywords in their space. Now, we have them tracking on the first page consistently in over 50 important keywords—many of which are in the #1 spot!

These are great stats, but we honestly could not have done this without such a great product behind the name. KT Tape is truly the best in their industry and continues to provide outstanding products to millions of athletes the world over. Please visit KT Tape for more information.

KT Tape


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