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  • How to Fix Structured Data Errors Showing in Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools)

    By Peter Ehat

    If you’re using WordPress as a CMS for your website, be sure you’re doing a few simple things to your markup to avoid Google crawl errors. In particular, you’ll want to make sure if you include an hentry class for your individual posts that you also include the proper entry-title, author and updated designations to your markup. If you don’t, you’ll end up with errors in Webmaster Tools.

  • Web User Optimization

    By Peter Ehat

    The 4th Grade Approach Think back to the 4th grade for a second. Do you remember the person you liked? Do you remember what tactics you used to attract him or her? I do. Most 4th graders simply ignore the person of their affections to, in turn, attract their attention.keep reading »

  • Good Design Can Bridge The Gap

    By Peter Ehat

    Good design is essential to making your product or service look presentable online. Credibility goes such a long way and without it you’ll never bridge the gap between you and your competitors. It’s worth a little extra time to get it right.

  • Accelerator Marketing 2.0

    By Peter Ehat

    Today we launched the newest version of Accelerator Marketing. This debut features not only a new logo and site design, but a new approach to our services and offerings. The new branding is a reflection of our expanded mindset here at Accelerator. We want to be known as more thankeep reading »

  • The Truth About Penguins – You’re Safer Than You Think

    By Peter Ehat

    If you’ve been reading anything about SEO in the last month, odds are good that Google’s “Penguin Update” has made an appearance. There is always a lot of hype when Google makes an update. If your site was affected by Penguin, it is very possible that your hype is genuinekeep reading »