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  • Why is What Matters

    By Braydn Jones

    Everyday, I speak with companies trying to figure out how to increase their audience, exposure, and brand awareness. Honestly, I do the same thing regarding our own firm. I believe it’s a good thing, it keeps us on our toes and current. There are many tactics to attract consumers, butkeep reading »

  • Why We Offer a Free SEO Analysis

    By Braydn Jones

    Accelerator Marketing thrives on bringing companies out of the 80’s and into the 21st century.  We’re an all inclusive digital marketing firm that focuses on utilizing current marketing trends and data to trump online competition. With each specific client, we pull their industry data to analyze their current market andkeep reading »

  • How to do Keyword Research

    By Braydn Jones

    Day to day I help businesses become established online through search engine optimization (SEO). In doing so, the very first thing that needs to be done is keyword research. Without this data, it would be like the blind leading the blind; yes, it could possibly work, but it wouldn’t bekeep reading »

  • Google’s Ocean – Accept Change and Implement Agile Marketing

    By Braydn Jones

    As an SEO, I see Google as this massive ocean. It consumes the majority of the world and people seem to flock to it. They want to swim, sail, and explore it. Many times thinking they can handle it, people mistakenly get swept away by a current or consumed bykeep reading »